Osseous Surgery


Additional therapy may be necessary to treat persistent areas of infection or deep periodontal pockets to provide easier plaque control by correcting the effects of the periodontal disease on the tissues surrounding the teeth.

These procedures are performed in the office with local anesthesia so you can drive yourself to and from the office, and return to your normal daily routine the following day. The procedure itself is less than tooth extraction or root canal therapy. Sedation can be made available if planned in advance. Sutures will either dissolve or be removed in 7-14 days.

The main purpose of the Osseous Surgery procedure is to get an access for the root surfaces, to remove the dental plaque and calculus, and to reduce the periodontal pocket depth to a level that can be maintained via oral home hygiene.

Please follow all the post-surgical instructions you are given to help insure a successful and comfortable experience.