Occlusal Adjustment


In addition to bacteria, the abnormal occlusal ( biting) forces can accelerate the destruction of your jawbone and the loosening of your teeth. Minor polishing of the surface enamel is done to redistribute and redirect the biting forces. Occlusal adjustment may require several appointments and does not harm the teeth in any way. There is no discomfort or need for anesthetic.


Patients who grind or clench their teeth at night are doing severe damage to their teeth or implants. We cannot stop the habit, but wearing a nightguard will dissipate the forces of the grinding. The hard acrylic nightguard is custom made by a lab. It needs to be kept moist, so when you are not wearing it, keep it in a container with a moist towel. It can be cleaned with soap or toothpaste.

There are times when these procedures alone cannot establish the proper bite. We may recommend orthodontics (braces) treatment , done by an orthodontist, or special restorative therapy (crowns, bridges, splints) to be done by your general dentist.